In The Pink

Signature Items

Nicole is a key player in the continual development of GNHR's menus. Throughout them you will find a handful of items Nicole finds so delicious she just had to put her name on them. We feel she deserves the credit! Give them a try, we think you'll agree... she's got great taste!

Eating Healthier with In The Pink menu items!

How do you define a healthy meal? Surely, there are a variety of definitions as to what constitutes a meal that will have you feeling "In the Pink®", a 16th century term meaning in perfect condition, especially of health.

Chef Nicole put on her famous pink chef coat and whipped up some deliciously healthy, "In the Pink®" menu selections.

There are now a healthy amount of items throughout the menu that have been created or customized by Chef Nicole to be either (or a combination of):

· 650 calories or less
· 10 grams of fat or less
· 10 grams of net carbs or less

Look for the "In the Pink®" chef coat symbol and feed your health! Enjoy!

You can find all of Chef Nicole's "In the Pink®" items online in one convenient location! click here