Find Out What’s Sexy About New Hampshire

Don’t laugh. We mean it.

You can bet that Daniel Webster wasn’t the only fast talker when the Senate was in session. And we know for a fact that Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth had much more on his mind than the King’s business and that New Hampshire’s only White House resident was the 19th-century equivalent of People’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” Here’s a showcase of examples — past and present — that are sure to raise an eyebrow or two.

Fess up. We know you’re not hibernating out there. According to a story on the Huffington Post website, New Hampshire is the state with the sixth highest per capita use of sex toys — hey, we even make them here. Need any more proof of our supreme sexiness? New Hampshire is the birthplace of one of the 20th century’s sexiest novels, turned movie, turned nighttime soap — “Peyton Place.”

We asked two Nashua psychologists what advice they’d give the Granite State if it were a client seeking advice about how to overcome its slightly frigid image and appear to all the world as a little more va va va voom. OK, they weren’t comfortable giving their names lest their clients think them less than serious — perhaps further proof of New Hampshire’s coyness when it comes to the subject of whoopee.

From a Freudian point of view, they took a look at those things most closely identified with the state in terms of symbols.

“Get rid of the lilac as the state flower” was the first bit of advice. “Too old-fashioned. It reminds me of my mother and there is nothing sexy about that.” And the dowdy Purple Finch — our state bird? The therapists suggest we might give some thought to the Downy Woodpecker, also indigenous to New Hampshire woods and a lot more thrilling in appearance and action (and name).

• The Nielsens aren’t the only ones who give a high rating to WMUR anchor Erin Fehlau.
• When Mandy Moore sang “I want to be with you,” many agreed with the Nashua native who recorded a platinum album of bubblegum pop.
• US Senator Kelly Ayotte has grabbed the attention of a national news that is not easily distracted by just another pretty face.
• Lovely Hampton model Persephanie Lesperance was a finalist in Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hottie contest.
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