Hudson Memorial School Conducts Career Day

Remember the days when you were a student and the earliest you were ever presented with the question of ‘what do you want to do for a living for the next 40 years’ wasn’t until late in your junior year in high school? Well, things have changed. And so much for the days when a kid could be a kid; simply because that’s what kids are supposed to be.

Kids today are exposed to so much so soon and so often that thinking about a professional work career while you are in the 8th grade has become part of that process. As such, Hudson Memorial School in a collaborative effort with Alvirne High School hosted a career day on March 21. According to Hudson Memorial High School 8th grade guidance counselor Karen O’Brien, the event was coordinated with the help of her colleagues and Judy King, the Business and Community Liaison at Alvirne.

Over 300 eighth grade students participated in the event which included each student selecting career areas to explore. One of the marquee presentations on the day involved the Culinary Arts program. Nicole Barreira and Matt Hankins are 2002 graduates; with Barreira holding down the title of corporate chef for both T-Bones and Cactus Jack’s restaurants.

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