Welcome to Professional Chef, Unprofessional Mother

This  is a fun place for all moms to hang out, share stories, learn and laugh! As busy working moms we have a lot on our plate and ‘the list’ never seems to end….

We all want to do the best we can with our kids, homes and careers but this little dreadful thing called time, seems to keep getting in the way! So how do we manage to do the best we can and truly feel like we’re doing our best?

It seems no matter what you do there is always 35 more things to do, your work is never done…at home or at your job.  However, the biggest struggle for me as a working mom is the after work  ‘jam’ hours as I call them. You know, the time between 6 and 8:30 PM when you try to squeeze in a day full of love, good meal for your family, homework, baths, …I could go on… I found myself feeding my kids things that were quick and easy, but not necessarily great for them. Or spending an hour cooking and by the time we ate dinner they were ready for bed. It didn’t work.

As a professionally trained chef, I began to use what I knew about food and cooking to integrate it into my family’s dinner routine by including my kiddos any way possible! In doing so I have found a slew of great ways my young kids can help me in the kitchen which has turned out to be amazing! I have merged the ‘jam’ time into a wonderful bonding time with my kids that yields a great, fun meal we can feel good about, we’ve spent time together and enjoyed one another, the kids are proud of their accomplishment and I am too. 

About Me…

Once upon a time, just like you, I was a single, purse-only toting young lady out to conquer the world! With degree in hand, college behind me, and plenty of time to focus…the world was mine…and I wanted it all!

So, I did what any other motivated and driven twenty-first century woman would do of course!… I got a great job, fell in love, had two kids, bought a house, bought a dog….BAM!

…..Oh my goodness…what on God’s green earth was I thinking? At some point in my ‘want it all, I can do it all’ method of thinking, I hadn’t ever considered the cold hard fact that everything in my life was multiplying …except the amount of hours in each day! Yikes, a ‘minor’ detail you could say that I perhaps should have given a bit more thought to….?

…Sound familiar?
Never the less, here we are ladies and we wouldn’t change a thing! (well, nothing except the laws of physics- with a focus on gravity if possible J ).
My purse-only days have escalated into diaper bags, penguin backpacks, and sippy cups hanging from my back pocket. My Saturday late night shindigs are now early morning Saturday ballet classes and my disposable income has shifted to a budget for disposable diapers J.  It is funny how you can be so great at what you do at work and take on any project, then you become a mom and realize “this is actually what I should have focused my college studies on!” But like the rest of us we figure out quickly that there is no book, lesson or teacher that can prepare you for motherhood.  So lets enjoy the ride together!

…..you’ve found the right place!
If any of this makes you say…yes!, or laugh…or cry (lol)…then you’ve found the right place! Simply join our conversation for some fun and insight on how we all do it…or don’t do it depending on the day. I believe with so much pressure on women today to truly ‘do it all’, its important that we have a support group to communicate all our tricks (‘cause I know all working moms have plenty of ‘em) , share what makes our days successful, and at the end of the day to just find comfort in the fact that “We hear you sister!”

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